Intellectual Property

which is the Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is an asset that is gaining more value day by day in the globalized world we live in as it has to do with human creation and invention of intangible but priceless goods, such as trademarks, invention patents and other works.

They required investment of time and money to be conceived. This is how, for instance, a successful product or service will be associated with a brand; a successful company with a particular trade name or design; or a successful medicine with a brand and the owner of the invention. That’s the reason that this theme is of vital relevance nowadays.

For many years, Costa Rica has been an advocate for the protection of Intellectual Property rights, with specific legislation addressing protection of trademarks, trade names, invention patents, industrial designs, utility models, industrial models, copyright, integrated circuit layouts, as well as the protection of rights on infringement of the said legislation. This has not only strengthened the protection of the said rights but also raised awareness about their significance.